N. Korean hackers implicated in 2nd robbery of S. Korean ...

The Biggest Heist Possibly EVER is Happening NOW!

  1. Early November it's announced BTC will have two Futures Market.
  2. Shortly after the announcement Hedge Fund Managers along with the wealthy elite start buying up BTC by the billions in order to drive price up to ATH (19k) with the knowledge of knowing they would short the 1st BPOE future.
  3. First Future Market set at 15k
  4. Hedge Fund Managers start laddering sales of their now ATH BTCs making BILLIONS.
  5. These large sales slowly create panic and more people start selling. By this time The hedge funds guys are close to cashed out.
  6. Market takes a dump and the Hedge Funds Made Billions buying BTC Low and selling high while at the same time NAILING their short call on Future Market.
  1. Hedge Funds Managers and Wealthy Elite go LONG on BCME Future which is due 10 days after the first futures call.
  2. Market takes a complete nose dive back to 9k and gues who is their to start buying again? Thats right the Hedge Fund Managers and Wealthy Elite.
  3. With their newly made BILLIONS the Hedge Fund Managers push the price back up over course of 7 days in order to hit their LONG CALL on 2nd Futures market.
If you see a spike in the price of BTC and overall market cap after 1pm PST today (when 1st future call settles) you will have witnessed one of the greatest robberies of ALL TIME.
EDIT 2: We dont need regulation we need innovative blockchain companies that would squash this.... There are financial disrupters working on this as we speak...... These companies will be truly change finance like Orbitz changed the travel industry.
EDIT 3: 30 Minutes till settlement and BTC is up close to $1000 in the last hour. EDIT 4: 30 Minutes after close of 1st future BTC up another $1000 That is a $2000 spike in an hour and a half.
EDIT 5: Thank you kind souls that gave me gold.... I wonder if I can buy StrongHands With it? Also let me set the record straight..... I DONT KNOW SHIT. I've been trading Crypto around three months. I'm not a guru nor should you take what I say as financial advice. One thing I've learned in three months which has been MOST USEFUL is understanding peoples reactions to new and the human emotional decision making process can be predicted to some extent.
EDIT 6: Just seen that CME has a new subscription service allowing us to get live info on their futures market. "Due to client demand, we are providing BTC data in real-time until January 26, 2018. If you would like to license real-time data after that point, visit our Market Data section". http://www.cmegroup.com/trading/equity-index/us-index/bitcoin.html
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The Mt. Gox BitCoin Mystery: 'An Inside Job Of Multimillion Dollar Theft' by Theodore White

The Mt. Gox BitCoin Mystery: 'An Inside Job Of Multimillion Dollar Theft'
Mt. Gox's CEO Mark Karpelès is a serious trouble and he knows it, but right now, he actually thinks that he is going to get away with it.
Nearly everyone who lost their money in Mt. Gox's BitCoin Exchange wants an explanation from him, but wait until they discover the truth:
That it was Karpelès who has been slyly stealing plenty of other people's money from the Mt. Gox exchange - and for years.
Right now Karpelès is in Japan, where the government seems to be 'protecting' him, but the look in this man's eye means that he knows that there is much more to the story of how and why the virtual currency exchange went belly-up and bankrupt.
Though some may believe the Mt. Gox is located near a mountain called Gox, the truth is that Gox is short for 'Magic: The Gathering Online Exchange,' it was a trading company of cards, until it switched to virtual online currency in 2010.
On Friday, just as Mercury stationed direct, the Mt. Gox Bitcoin exchange filed for bankruptcy protection in Japan as its chief executive, Karpele, said that he had lost nearly half a billion dollars worth of the digital currency in a possible theft.
Japan's government began probing Mt. Gox after the reported "huge theft."
The company's lawyer said that 750,000 Bitcoins belonging to customers had disappeared, along with Mt. Gox's own store of the currency, which she said was around 100,000 units.
That number of Bitcoins would be worth around $477 million dollars, as calculated against the price on the CoinDesk exchange.
Karpeles said Mt. Gox had liabilities of 6.5 billion yen (that's $64 million) and that around one million users had been affected when "hackers broke into the exchange" in early February.
The "hackers" had not been identified, however, transits show that one of the primary 'hackers' who will be found out will be Karpelès himself.
The French-born Karpelès , the Mt. Gox CEO, who had not been seen in public for several days, suddenly re-emerged to tell a Japanese press conference (see below) that Mt. Gox's digital vaults had been almost completely emptied.
"We have lost Bitcoins due to weaknesses in the system," Karpeles said in Japanese.
"We are really sorry for causing trouble to all the people concerned," he said, before bowing deeply.
Earlier this week, Karpeles resigned from his seat on the board of the Bitcoin Foundation. He has not responded to requests for further comment.
Now, understand this:
Mark Robert Karpelès, or Karpeles was born on June 1, 1985 in Chenôve, France.
Between 1995 and 2000 he was educated at Collège Prieuré de Binson in Châtillon-sur-Marne and Prieuré De Binson in Dormans.
He then spent one year at Lycée Claude Bernard in Paris, before completing his education in 2003 at Lycée Louis Armand in Paris. He then moved to Japan in 2009.
At the current age of 28, soon to be 29 in June 2014, Karpelès has a Sun in Gemini and a Moon in Scorpio and with the South Lunar Node in Scorpio and Saturn, peregrine in Scorpio.
Karpelès may have a Sun in Gemini, but this man is more like a Scorpio.
I would say, after reading his nativity and secondary progressions, that we are looking at the one of the thieves - the prime thief in fact.
He should not be allowed to escape Japan.
For instance, Karpelès progressed Vertex is in Scorpio and recently just passed over this natal Saturn in Scorpio (a thief.)
Karpelès has five positions in Scorpio:
Natal Moon. South Lunar Node in Scorpio Natal Saturn, Rx in Scorpio, and peregrine Pluto in Scorpio Vertex in Scorpio
A Gemini? Now, in reality he is a Scorpio and a Scorpio snake at that.
Karpelès, at 28 is just now having his Saturn Return.
Saturn will also station retrograde on Sunday, March 2nd.
Moreover, his Progressed Moon was transiting through Scorpio (it is now in early Sagittarius) for the last 2.5 years.
So this guy has been draining Mt. Gox for a while now, at least two years, slowly, but steadily.
This man - Karpelès - in my view, is the PRIME culprit and has been stealing from the Mt. Gox BitCoin Exchange for years, and by nefarious means (a backdoor code put into Mt. Gox's lines of code allowing for multiple releases in BitCoins as payment.)
For instance, according to Karpelès' own LinkedIn page, he wrote that he worked from 2003 to 2005 at Linux Cyberjoueurs as a software developer and network administrator.
Karpeles’ was known as the 'Wizard of Oz' status within Mt. Gox for his computer technical prowess.
He's a geek and knows how to write code and how to hack and that's exactly what he did to Mt. Gox's exchange.
That means that Karpelès has had the knowledge and skill to do just that - and he did it too.
Also consider this fact:
Mt. Gox has allegedly never conducted a single audit of its customer deposits.
Now, it is believed that Karpelès may have been the only one within the Mt. Gox Exchange to have knowledge of how to actually tap the exchange’s cold storage.
For many, it remains unclear how this type of storage leak could have happened over a several years (looks to me he started tapping into the money in October 2011) without any knowledge on the part of the executives at Mt. Gox.
Karpelès knew about the pervasive damage of Mt. Gox's transaction malleability attacks for several weeks. It was said that the was working on an arbitrage scheme that leveraged the depressed Mt. Gox price to reap gains on other exchanges.
This was happening well before Mt. Gox's breaking point this past weekend.
Remember, at this point 744,408 BTC are missing due to what is called a malleability-related theft' which went "unnoticed for several years."
The cold storage was wiped out due to a leak in the hot wallet.
That can only be one person who did that - Karpelès.
Check out this document from a reliable source called:
'Crisis Strategy Draft.'
The draft seems to be a map of sorts that depicts how Mt. Gox could theoretically 'recover' from insolvency - despite the mind-blowing loss of nearly 750,000 customer Bitcoins ->>
See ->> http://www.scribd.com/doc/209050732/MtGox-Situation-Crisis-Strategy-Draft
Now, Karpelès admitted that the leaked document was “more or less authentic” during an interview with Fox Business.
The document was written by Mt. Gox representatives, but it seems that the The presentation of the document was created by a junior employee at the global consulting firm Mandalah.
And, the real author of Mt. Gox’s 27 page business plan (another leaked Mt. Gox document) is aid to be ambiguous, but the publisher of the file was one of Mandalah’s junior employees in Tokyo.
See ->> http://www.scribd.com/doc/209535200/Business-Plan-MtGox-2014-2017
Anyhow, reps from Mandalah did not want to elaborate on any specifics on its relationship with Mt. Gox (they citied confidentiality agreements) but they DID say that they have never been contracted by Mt. Gox to do any kind of 'strategic planning.'
They also added that they lacked any access to sensitive financial information and/or customer data.
That source says that the same junior staffer who published the Mt. Gox business plan was also at an alleged emergency investor meeting just a day after the “Crisis Strategy Draft” was created.
According to the source, it was at THIS meeting where Karpelès and his colleague Gonzague Gay-Bouchery, first told everyone at the meeting the stunning extent of Mt. Gox’s incredible losses.
That meeting began a series of domino effects: where investors rebuffed Karpeles, and demanded from him that they tell the truth to Bitcoin customers and investors immediately.
Those investors then called other executives, including many at the Bitcoin Foundation, telling them of the fantastic losses at Mt. Gox.
It was THAT group of executives who then called regulatory authorities who then began writing a joint public statement that condemned Mt. Gox.
Sources also say that many investors who were approached gad then stopped their own employees from buying or selling Bitcoins as soon as word got out about all the shit going down at Mt. Gox.
Mercury's retrograde in February has now resumed direct motion and will go over the same degrees it passed in January and February in March, and then into the Grand Cardinal Cross.
Saturn, still peregrine this year, and retrograde from early March through to July 20, 2014 means that Karpelès is not as 'smart' as he thinks he is.
Cast a sunrise natal chart for Karpelès birthday and see for yourself. Check out his secondary progressions too.
Believe it when I say that Karpelès is a pathological liar and a thief.
He's guilty as hell and he knows it.
Karpelès got greedy - very, very greedy - and his Saturn return means that he is in big trouble.
With that Progressed Moon in Sagittarius, Karpelès is going to want to split Japan and go for his stolen BitCoins, which he stashed in several banks (looks like Europe to me, it's Switzerland (French side of Switzerland, closer to Geneva where they speak Swiss-French.)
Now, at this juncture, Mt. Gox has negative equity (that's where liabilities exceed assets) of around $100m-$500 million, which depends on what value you assign to the missing Bitcoins. So, Mt. Gox is insolvent of course.
Plenty of people are in big trouble, but Mark Karpelès is chief among them. He's first one in line.
Karpelès IS the chief thief of BitCoins - the raider of Mt. Gox.
Talk about a 'virtual' bank robbery, Scorpio-style!
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Thieves smash open bitcoin machines in Houston and Las ... TWIC S2E21  Bitcoin robbery  V8  Overstock  HaoBTC  Maicoin Canadian Bitcoins Robbed?! BITCOIN ROBBERY l King Bach and Melvin Gregg - YouTube Zeonic Bitcoin Robbery

SINGAPORE - Another member of a trio who stole more than $350,000 in cash from a prospective bitcoin buyer admitted in court that he was involved in the robbery.. Read more at straitstimes.com. Bitcoin Robbery at Gunpoint. In a way, no one should be surprised to learn that criminals are becoming more brazen when it comes to stealing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This is especially true when it comes to cybercrime, but it seems we also have a trickle-down effect in the real world right now. In Ottawa, three individuals attempted to rob a Bitcoin financial institution in broad ... A man in Hong Kong was the victim of a Bitcoin robbery as thieves stole $180,000 USD in cash he was planning to buy the cryptocurrency with. What is it about the prospect of making money by buying and selling cryptocurrency that makes people lose their common sense? The latest example of this phenomenon took place in Hong Kong. A man looking to buy bitcoins was lured into an ambush by ... Home » Asia » Jail, caning for 2nd member of trio who robbed potential bitcoin buyer of $365,000. Jail, caning for 2nd member of trio who robbed potential bitcoin buyer of $365,000 . 09/10/2020. SINGAPORE – Another member of a trio who stole more than $350,000 in cash from a prospective bitcoin buyer admitted in court that he was involved in the robbery. Jaromel Gee Ming Li, 29, was ... Bitcoin’s immediate price rally after Mr. Jones’ announcement was hard to ignore, even by the Indian media that vastly covered the cryptocurrency for its so-called criminal tendencies – and the notorious blanket ban on it imposed by the Reserve Bank of India, later overturned by the country’s top apex court.. Hindustan Times, one of the leading Indian news publications, ran an early ...

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Thieves smash open bitcoin machines in Houston and Las ...

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