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Maybe it is just a coincidence but when you look at the credits of Pokémon yellow you find 3 names.
Satoshi Tajiri Hiro nakamura Shigeri morimoto
Combine the names and you will get satoshi nakamoto. Pokémon was created before bitcoin.
I googled the meanings of naka and moto wich means : original medium together But then again. Those are just normal Japanese names. Any opinions ?
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Satoshi birthday 7 million quiz

To celebrate Satoshi's birthday I am giving away a brain wallet with some satoshis on it. Not much, only 7 million, which is about $350 now. This is just for fun and to experiment with this format. Maybe help people learn about brain wallets.
I have just sent the satoshis to the first address in the brain wallet.
To find the seed, answer the following 7 quiz questions (multiple choice). The SHA 256 hash of all correct answers combined is the wallet seed. Insert one space between answers.
Brute forcing all 16384 possible combinations is a trivial exercise if you are prepared for this kind of quiz and have hours or days of time at your disposal. I count on that not being the case and the race getting decided by who gets the perfect answer first by either knowing the answer or searching faster than others. From that point on it still takes some time to derive and sweep the relevant private key from the brain wallet seed. And of course you need to know how to do that in the first place. If multiple perfect scoring answers compete in that race, it may be a matter of luck which sweeping transaction confirms first.
Let's see how long it takes before someone sweeps that address. It will be interesting to see if it takes more or less than the average ten minutes for finding a block.
  1. On December 7, 2010 a) There was a guy describing himself as an ordained priest offering to "bless your dildo" for only one bitcoin on the Bitcoin subreddit. b) Satoshi was a moderator of the Bitcoin subreddit with the user name noagendamarker. c) The Bitcoin subreddit had less subscribers than Satoshi's age at the time. d) There were were only two posts about price on the Bitcoin subreddit.
  2. Satoshi chose April 5 as his birthday because the American government prohibited private holding of gold on that day. Which of the following is correct? a) The government paid less than the world market price for gold when they prohibited private holding that day. b) Roosevelt had the authority to do this under the Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917 and the executive order also prohibited importing gold into the United States. c) Franklin D. Roosevelt required all American citizens by executive order 6102 to deliver all of their gold at the fixed price of $20.67 before May 1st. d) In a challenge to this executive order the government won by a 6 to 3 majority decision at the Supreme Court.
  3. If you mined bitcoins on Satoshi's 34th birthday, you would on average mine (according to a post by Satoshi) a) A few tens of bitcoins a day. b) A few bitcoins a day. c) A few thousand bitcoins a day. d) A few hundred bitcoins a day.
  4. Which of the following Bitcoin burn addresses has the largest balance? a) 1AndrewYangForPresident2o2ozm6Pzd. b) 1WarrenForPresident2o2oxxxy3DCZMZ. c) 1SandersForPresident2o2oxxxvYnPyW. d) 1TRUMPforPresident2o2oxxxxxAvY6s.
  5. The author of a paper proposing a practical escrow cash system in 1996 was a) Satoshi Sakamoto. b) Tatsuaki Okamoto. c) Satoshi Nakamoto. d) Tatsuaki Nakamura.
  6. The small girl looking at the two most famous pizzas in history in 2010 was a) wearing a red t-shirt. b) wearing a green t-shirt. c) wearing a blue t-shirt. d) wearing a yellow t-shirt.
  7. RPOW was a proof-of-work based system using trusted computing. It ran on a) an IBM 4758 PCI Cryptographic Coprocessor. b) an Intel 4758 PCI Cryptographic Coprocessor. c) an AMD 4758 PCI Cryptographic Coprocessor. d) a Dell 4758 PCI Cryptographic Coprocessor.
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The Untraceable Japanese Man

There is this real life game Perplex City, dating back to 2005. Or in other terms: "a long-term alternate reality game presented by Mind Candy, a London-based development team. The first "season" of the game had players looking for "The Receda Cube", a priceless scientific and spiritual artifact to the people of a fictional metropolis known as "Perplex City", that had been stolen and buried somewhere on Earth. The game offered a real-life £100,000 reward to whoever found it. Like most alternate reality games, the story of Perplex City is told through blogs, puzzles, and other various media."
What intrigues me somewhat, is that a puzzle within the puzzle is still unsolved. A card with a picture of a Japanese man, that reads:
What if you lost your best friend's phone number? What if you wanted to find a person you hadn't seen in a long time? What if you wanted to meet someone you've only heard about? What if you had only a photo of someone you've never heard of?"
Season 1 Card #256 - Billion to One shows us a man, some Japanese text reading "Find me," and a little bit of scenery.
The Mans first name is given as "Satoshi".
What has been found out, is that his picture was taken in Kaysersberg, Alsace, France. But his identity is still a mystery. There were some facebook groups dedicated to solving the task, but failed so far.
I wonder if you could think of a good way to solve it or come closer to solving it.
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Thanks you /u/SlocketRoth for awesome giveaway, Those FN Babies are sexy (M4A1-S | Guardian + StatTrak™ MP9 | Dart + StatTrak™ G3SG1 | Murky)

Thanks for awesome giveaway.... and yeah the Guardian has sexy Stickers (Rekt (Holo) and Bomb Doge )
Glad you learned about Bitcoins and got to know about Nakamura Satoshi :)
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A few questions for tech savy bitcoin users , That might hurt some bitcoin lovers

My question is ,, and im a froob regarding comps coding , so if your gonna comment about that I ALREADY KNOW, thanks though .
How easy is bitcoin to hack? im sure this satoshi or whoever created bit coin isnt the smartest guy in the world ( there is smarter) , and im sure there are people right this instant that can make their own bitcoins by copying algorithms or whatever. (obviously they arent gonna post on reddit , "HEY I CAN MAKE MY OWN BITCOIN" theyd keep it on the low and rake in that "coin" / paper.
(can a pro pro hacker confirm that bitcoins are impenetrable and not one of the guys that has downloaded a ddos script and thinks hes a hacker)
Not to mention the creator of bitcoin probably has untapped resources of "bitcoin algorithms" so how is that fair to the rest of the people that buy it with their own hard earned cash.
paper money has its rothschild's and the bitcoin (im guessing) has its nakamuras / satoshis or whatever .
also I keep reading 1 million dollars worth of bitcoin goes missing in china , 5 million dollars worth of bitcoin goes missing here. most would read that and think (lost bitcoins cant be recovered , so fuck it) but who is to say they werent hacked of those bitcoins
as a newb I see bitcoins like .. norton or mcafee , yeah its great/protected etc untill someone makes a virus/hack that can penetrate it.
whos to say all these missing bitcoins arent simply hacked bitcoins that noone wants to talk about.
Please dont picture me in the wrong way for a naysayer or a hater of bitcoin im with the revolution as much as anyone of you guys however I dont see how anything is impenetrable anymore , truth is there are/will be better minds than the creators of bitcoin litecoin and all other algo-coins .
(please dont comment if you have hateful words only) (Hateful words with proof/backup is ok) (please dont comment if you just wanna talk shit) (I wanna read the real replies that im looking for and not have to sif through the shit some users have to spew)
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Satoshi Hiroshima nakamoto Nakamura créateur crypto monnaies bitcoin bot 20000 satoshi per hour Free Open Source Interview: Satoshi Nakamura Explains The World of Dragoborne Will the Real Satoshi Nakamura Please Stand Up? Satoshi Nakamoto and The Effects of Bitcoin  சடோஷி ...

Satoshi Nakamoto began coding the first implementation of Bitcoin in C++ in May of 2007. In August of 2008, he sent private emails to two well-respected cypherpunks, Hal Finney and Wei Dai, asking them for feedback on early versions of the Bitcoin white paper. They both gave Satoshi positive feedback, telling him they found it very promising. Der Satoshi wurde nach dem Bitcoin-Erfinder Satoshi Nakamoto benannt, dessen Identität bis heute unbekannt ist. 1 Bitcoin sind wieviel Satoshi? 1 Bitcoin entspricht exakt 100.000.000 Satoshi. Aufgrund dieser relativ einfachen Umrechnung, kann der jeweilige Wert schnell ermittelt werden: Bei einem Satoshi handelt es sich um 0,00000001 BTC. Der Umrechnungsfaktor beträgt jeweils 100 Millionen ... Eines vorweg: Niemand, außer Satoshi selbst, kann mit Gewissheit sagen, wer oder was sich hinter dem Pseudonym versteckt. Sicher ist: Im Oktober 2008 wurde mit dem White Paper „Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System“ erstmals die Funktionsweise des Bitcoin und der Blockchain erläutert. In conclusion, there is the mystery surrounding the creator and developer of Bitcoin. Satoshi Nakamoto will remain unsolved at least for now. Maybe we will never know who created Bitcoin. Or maybe we solved the mystery right here right now. Nonetheless, amidst all the mystery some things remain so clear. That Bitcoin technology is a phenomenal creation. That over the years Bitcoin has grown to ... Satoshi Nakamura, Masahiko Tsukamoto, and Shojiro Nishio: Design and Implementation of the Double Mouse System for a Window Environment, Proc. Pacific Rim Conference on Communications, Computers and Signal Processing(PACRIM 2001), pp.204-207 (Aug. 2001).

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Satoshi Hiroshima nakamoto Nakamura créateur crypto monnaies bitcoin bot 20000 satoshi per hour Free Open Source donations are welcome. Satoshi Nakamoto is the name used by the presumed pseudonymous[1][2][3][4] person or persons who developed bitcoin, authored the bitcoin white paper, and cre... Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte discuss the claims of Craig Wright that he is the creator of Bitcoin. For the full episode, visit Bitcoin Q&A: Why Satoshi's Identity Doesn't Matter - Duration: 6:08. aantonop 17,501 views. 6:08. The 1995 Hubble photo that changed astronomy - Duration: 5:27. Vox Recommended for you. 5:27 ... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue