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Ok folks, the search for a standardized currency symbol for the Satoshi has come to an end! The Satoshi is "One-Hundred-Millionth" of a Bitcoin. O-H-M it's perfect. It's an acronym for the actual definition of a Satoshi. And it's a standard Unicode character :) ♥️ Ω

Ok folks, the search for a standardized currency symbol for the Satoshi has come to an end! The Satoshi is submitted by StackinSats to satoshisymbol [link] [comments]

Official Bitcoin Unicode Character?

I suggest a character representative of symbol for Bitcoin currency be submitted to
฿ doesn't seem to be worthy considering it already is well established as Thai baht (currency).
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As an online merchant, I have a small wrinkle accepting crypto...

Totally behind crypto in general and it absolutely makes sense for our business (accepting payments of $1,000 or more, getting our commission, then passing the rest on to our partners which are all over the world, operating in multiple currencies).
We have our website and I want to show that we accept crypto (along with Visa, Mastercard, Amex, wire transfer - those graphics are straightforward)
What's the most recognizable, trustworthy logo to use to indicate that?
These are the options we're considering
1) just the bitcoin logo: why? rightful or not, feel it has become globally recognized as a 'catch-all' for crypto. a big plus is that it's just one logo.
2) coinbase commerce logo: presumably people who have crypto, know who the big players are and have developed their trust in payment processors. (I believe we're going with coinbase, but maybe bitpay or someone else)
3) list individual crypto logos: whether it's "bitcoin", "ethereum", "litecoin", etc. We'd be forced into widdling it down to just a couple, even though through coinbase, we could accept 5 or more and that gets to be too much.
Interesting side node: I'm just discovering there's an ethereum unicode symbol: "Ξ" I gotta say i'm very disappointed, and not thrilled with the alternatives:
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Help me get the Bitcoin symbol added to Unicode

Adding the Bitcoin symbol to Unicode would be a good thing, and I'd like your help. Specifically, what I need are examples of the Bitcoin symbol used in "running text". That is, the Bitcoin symbol used as a character in text, not as a logo, picture, or icon. Online examples are good, but usage in a book, newspaper, or other publication would be even better.
I've successfully proposed a symbol for addition to Unicode before, so I know the process. Finding substantial examples in running text is a key component for a successful proposal.
If you have examples of the Bitcoin symbol in running text, please let me know. I've found a few examples, including posts on and conference papers, but I need more.
Notes: I'm talking about the standard stroked-B Bitcoin symbol; see the /bitcoin logo. I'm aware of the ฿ and Ƀ symbol alternatives; it would still be good to get the stroked-B symbol in Uncode. Also, emoji in Unicode have very different rules; I don't think a Bitcoin emoji would be useful.
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Proposal to add the Bitcoin symbol to Unicode [pdf]

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Well I prefer the ฿ symbol because it actually works!

Well I prefer the ฿ symbol because it actually works! submitted by Vaultoro to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Bitcoin deserves the right symbol

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Damn. No Bitcoin Symbol included in Unicode 7.0. Let's get it there.

Damn. No Bitcoin Symbol included in Unicode 7.0. Let's get it there. submitted by templerunai to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Proposal to add the Bitcoin symbol to Unicode

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Bitcoin symbol ₿ in Unicode 10.0 Beta

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Census: Bitcoin Unicode symbol

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'Ƀ' New Bitcoin Symbol

'Ƀ' New Bitcoin Symbol submitted by harry9985 to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Developers: Bitcoin now has an icon with Font Awesome

Developers: Bitcoin now has an icon with Font Awesome submitted by Diapolis to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Rage over the ฿ symbol

So i'm looking at the mtgox graph and it has been confusing the hell out of me because being in Thailand mtgox shows my currency in baht (฿) except I only just realised that the graphs are using ฿ for bitcoin?
This whole time I've been reading the graphs wrong. Could we all just agree on a different damn symbol already so I don't waste my time, ugh..
submitted by lingnoi to Bitcoin [link] [comments] mobile wallet using crap Ƀ symbol instead of established Satoshi ฿ ?

What's wrong with these people? As far as I know from previous debates, the community is by far in favour of the original ฿. Don't they realise this will only breed more confusion. Doesn't look like listen to what the community wants...getting arrogant like most companies that grow big .
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09-20 05:43 - 'Ok folks, the search for a standardized currency symbol for the Satoshi has come to an end! The Satoshi is "One-Hundred-Millionth" of a Bitcoin. O-H-M it's perfect. It's an acronym for the actual definition of...' ( by /u/StackinSats removed from /r/Bitcoin within 121-131min

Ok folks, the search for a standardized currency symbol for the Satoshi has come to an end! The Satoshi is "One-Hundred-Millionth" of a Bitcoin. O-H-M it's perfect. It's an acronym for the actual definition of a Satoshi. And it's a standard Unicode character :) ♥️ Ω
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Author: StackinSats
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What is Bitcoin's symbol?

I've seen a multitude of different symbols for bitcoin and i would like to know which is the proper symbol (example" $ = USD). -Thanks
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A proposition: ₥, the "mill," should be the currency symbol for mBTC.

This post outlines why ₥, the "mill," is the natural choice for the short representation of ฿0.001, and why its simplicity will make it much easier for us all to talk about mBTC.

Abstract and Executive Summary (TL;DR)

There is a serious use case for talking in terms of mBTC rather than BTC, since the price has continued to rise exponentially. Being able to talk in terms of mBTC means we can talk in units of currency that are more familiar to the average person in terms of purchasing power. However, the word "millibitcoin" is rather unwieldy, and it has no shorthand currency symbol. This proposal fixes all of those problems by proposing the use of 1₥, or one mill, to represent the denomination of ฿0.001. Furthermore, this proposal outlines a simple way to extend this notation to arbitrary SI/metric divisions of any unit of any currency, as in ฿75₥, Ł75₥, ฿1,000,000n̸, etc. Alternative stylizations of the mill are also provided for those who prefer alternate stylizations of the Bitcoin currency symbol instead of ฿.

The problem

The dollar has $ as its symbol. When we talk about 1/100ths of a dollar, we don't talk about cUSD or c$, but instead we have a different symbol ¢ for cents. So rather than being like "I found 75 cUSD (centidollars) in my pocket!" we can just say "I found 75¢ (cents) in my pocket."
Likewise, bitcoin has ฿ as its symbol (or Ƀ, or B⃦, or whatever). Rather than talk in units of ฿0.01, it's common for us to talk in units of ฿0.001, or 1 mBTC. However, mBTC currently has no established symbol, nor an established "short" name, so it's unwieldy to talk about. "This shirt costs 20 millibitcoins" isn't very attractive.

The solution

The natural choice is the symbol ₥, which is called the mill. It is the natural choice for the symbol for 1 mBTC because:
  1. The symbol ₥ already has Unicode support at U+20A5, and it is already called the mill.
  2. The term "mill" is superior to "millibitcoin" because it's one syllable and parallels the "cent."
  3. This symbol is not in widespread modern use to denote any major currency.
  4. Despite the obscurity of this symbol in modern times, the mill was at one point used historically to divide arbitrary currencies into units of 1/1000.
  5. Hence, it has an already-established general meaning when dealing with currencies, yet it isn't tied down to any specific established currency, and it's waiting for a currency that needs a division into 1/1000s to resurrect it - perfect for Bitcoin.


The convention I propose for using ₥ is to parallel ¢ and put it immediately after the number:
Since it seems reasonable that other cryptocurrencies might follow suit, one can then prepend the currency symbol when context requires it:
Or you can put the currency name after, as follows:
I expect that the symbol ₥, by itself, will probably be associated with Bitcoin by "default," however.

Metric System Extensions

In the future, we may even find that 1₥ becomes rather large, and so we'll have to start talking about microbitcoins if that happens. We can apply the same basic pattern above by using the other SI prefixes instead, and putting a diagonal stroke over them. For now, we can apply the diagonal stroke to any standard unicode letter by following it with U+0338, as in: µ̸, n̸, p̷, etc, with short names just being the name of the prefix ("mics," "nans," etc). Some examples from the year 2200 (be sure you have good unicode support):
You'll note that this is backward-compatible with both the cent and the fact that the SI prefix for 100 is to have no prefix at all.


Some people have insisted that the single stroke through ฿ is a bad thing, and have insisted on a small horizontal stroke or a double vertical stroke instead, as in Ƀ or B⃦. We could insist on making these currency divisions have the same look and feel by using Unicode diacritics U+0335 and U+20EB. Examples:
Alternately, if you're feeling more minimalist and don't feel like stylizing things at all, you can skip the strokes entirely and go with ordinary letters:
This has the benefit of not requiring extra Unicode support, and being backward compatible with statements like "OMG, someone just did a market buy of ฿25K on Gox!"
EDIT: Added TheZombio's suggestion from here.
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Yet another rebranding post

Over the last few days I got increasingly interested in Raiblocks. I have been thoroughly enjoying the project as well as the dynamic of this tight-knit community. And like a lot of people on this platform, I wanted to give a bit of my time, hoping it would help the project move forward. As a fresh outta school brand designer in search of new adventures, the prospect of imagining the identity of a revolutionary type of currency was really exciting. This might be a long read, but it's got pictures! If you just want to see the result : 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5.

First and foremost, Rai is a currency

(I know a fair amount of people find the simplified name off-putting, apologies!)

Rai has the potential to become the currency for peer-to-peer transactions. But to be considered as such and to reach mass-adoption, I believe it was crucial to first think about its monetary symbol. Not many competitors have one. Litecoin is using the west Slavic 'L with stroke', and the Bitcoin community made their own. (Although it took years for the unicode consortium to add it to their code.)

I thought it’d be best to avoid the hassle and instead to follow Litecoin’s path by using an already existing and accessible symbol. The ‘R with stroke’ uppelower case pair used in the Kanuri alphabet immediately caught my attention ⟶ Ɍ. The uppercase symbol could be a primary monetary unit, while its lower case counterpart ‘ɍ’ could perhaps represent a smaller unit.

Behind the currency

Colin's team will be in need of a visual identity, which I believe should be somehow linked to the symbol of the currency. What makes Rai special to me (and you) is Colin’s block-lattice technology, seemingly simple. I came up with this mark which aims to reflect its uniqueness. I used the typeface Aften Screen. I particularly enjoyed its subtle friendliness, and interestingly, this font was made only with screens in mind. Can’t get any better than that for a cryptocurrency. :-) I tweaked the wordmark so The ‘R’ becomes an ‘Ɍ’, while two gradients were added to echo the block-lattice structure of the currency. And that’s it.

Exploring the concept

This mobile version layout is an (on-going) experimentation with colors (I haven’t decided on the full color scheme yet), but it was mainly a way for me to make a custom Rai cross icon. I came to realize that the simplicity of the mark could become a strength of Rai’s identity. So I proceeded to play around with words and icons.

NOTE: As Colin stated in his AMA, people have an issue with the pronunciation, which could be a problem when it comes to brand recognition. « Pay with Rai » is, I think, a way to bypass this issue while keeping the name. I come from a non english speaking country, but I believe these words are simple enough to be understood by most.

Being a sucker for subtlety, I also made a couple of animations with the wordmark, which could be used on the website’s header. (The .gif should play on loop, but the host doesn't allow it somehow), I wanted to make a loading icon and some other stuff, but tiredness came my way.

I Hope you will enjoy these visuals as I much as I enjoyed making them! :-)
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Why not Ƀ instead of ฿?

฿ is already used for a currency (Thai Bhat), it looks like someone just tried to make a B like dollar, is boring and stale.
Ƀ in the other hand is a unused unicode character, and horizontal dashes represent movement and speed, both things a good currency needs. Many currencies like £, € and ¥ use horizontal dashes, so it still looks like a currency. Ƀ looks like a B going forward at high speeds!
I came across this project proposing an alternate bitcoin identity and while I sincerely dislike that particular choice of font, I really believe the symbol is a much better representation.
No one needs to vote, no consensus is needed and both symbols can be used at the same time, I doubt anyone would get confused. But from now on every project I do with bitcoins on it will include the B with an horizontal dash on it, and I was hoping you did too..
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貸 dai ◈

dài dài dài
Two years ago, when Maker was initially conceived, the stablecoin it "guarded" was called eDollar. At the time the eDollar mechanics were marketing focused, meaning they compromised on economic efficiency for the sake of making it easier to explain/sell/pump the project. This is why it was a 1:1 peg with USD and hence called eDollar.
However we moved towards creating a stand alone currency that wouldn't have to depend on US monetary policy.
As I considered the Chinese market to be the most important for initial adoption of a stablecoin (since it's where bitcoin is used) I wanted a Chinese name, and my first idea was to call the new free-floating stablecoin JIAO 交 (jiāo), meaning "to exchange", named after the first ever paper currency: . Another nice thing about having a foreign name is that it looks/sounds completely unique to an english speaker and doesn't trigger any existing semantic associations, making for a better and more recognizable brand.
However 交 was quickly abandoned since it also means intercourse...
Another characteristic I wanted from the name was that it needed to be short enough to be its own trading symbol without needing to be abbreviated, meaning 4 letters max. Coming up with short words is really hard, they all sound stupid no matter what combination of vowels and consonants you go with (really, just try). I spent so much time repeating random gibberish over and over in my head.
However a Chinese friend of mine eventually gave me the perfect suggestion: 貸, meaning to lend or to provide capital for a loan. Using pinyin (the modern system for transliterating Chinese characters to latin letters) it is spelled dài, and it's pronounced in the fourth tone; a sharply decreasing pitch. If you click on the little sound icon here you can hear how it's pronounced by a native speaker
Dai was immediately popular because in addition to describing the core of what it's all about, it also has a lot of interesting semantic coincidence. My favorite is the full name of Wei Dai, the inventor of the concept of cryptocurrency. As we all know the real unit of Ethereum tokens is wei, the family name of Wei Dai, and it's fitting that the other key token on Ethereum sounds like his given name, highlighting their equally critical role in making web3 a reality.
Some other coincidences are that the sound of "dai" means "to give" in many slavic languages, and in many asian languages it has meaning related to finance (though this is probably due to Chinese influence of the word dai and thus isn't true coincidence).
Finally there's the fact that it is pronounced like the first syllable of diamond - fitting for the new "diamond standard" of currency. This coincidence is also the inspiration behind the dai symbol and logo.
⬙ Was the first unicode character I wanted for the dai. Mainly because it looks like a diamond and has the nice little triangle showing which way the price is going ;). However I ended up not liking it for a number of reasons, first of all the unicode symbol looks weirdly lopsided in most fonts for god knows what reason. Secondly in the end I'm not so confident that the dai will be strictly deflationary, and as such it's a bad idea to have it a as a foundational part of the symbolism. And also it's quite tacky to have the symbolism appeal to the greed instinct.
Instead ◈ was suggested, an alternative that looks great and elicits the semantics of "diamond hardness" - stability and resilience of the currency. So that's what I now promote as the official unicode symbol.
Just my 0.02◈
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Is Bitcoin Dead Bitcoin Live Btc Price Liquidation Watch: July 9 2020 Live Bitcoin Chart Liquidation Watch: August 9 2020 - YouTube Bitcoin Q&A What Makes a Currency a Cryptocurrency? HOW TO BUY BITCOIN WITH CASH IN 10 MINUTES!!

Google devs have, in a landmark move, added the bitcoin currency symbol to the Google keyboard on iOS, while showing ethereum's request the door. The symbol represents the currency unit "bitcoin" (100 million satoshi), as well as the Bitcoin network and currency itself. The bitcoin currency unit is also commonly given the informal currency code BTC. The Bitcoin sign is part of Unicode 10.0 (released June 2017) with code point U+20BF (₿). Detailed information about the Unicode character 'Bitcoin sign' with code point U+20BF that can be used as a symbol or icon on your site. This unicode character was originally used as a phonetic symbol to represent or transcribe the sound [β]. Thus the context of this use does not allow any confusion with the Bitcoin currency. The idea to use Ƀ as a symbol for Bitcoin is not new ; this character was one of the original candidates to represent Bitcoin, but most of the community’s proposals were more fancy logos than a ... Währungszeichen - Currency symbol. Aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie . Für das generische Währungssymbol ¤ siehe Währungssymbol (Typografie). Nicht zu verwechseln mit dem Währungscode (die dreistellige Abkürzung ISO 4217). Symbole der vier am weitesten verbreiteten Reservewährungen. Dieser Artikel enthält Unicode-Währungssymbole. Ohne ordnungsgemäße Renderunterstützung ...

[index] [6738] [3279] [42329] [43240] [41346] [33569] [1667] [23267] [44224] [19567]

Is Bitcoin Dead

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