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HackNRack RPG “Holiday HackAThon” - $200 in Prizes to 5 Place Winners! (GiftCards/PayPal/Bitcoin) – 12/23 to 12/31 @ New Years! is a Free-To-Play, "Hacker" Simulation, MMO-RPG Browser Game, where you "hack" other players for in-game currency, which can be cashed out for Gift Cards, Paypal, or Bitcoin.
It's basically a Get-Paid-To website, mixed with a Hacker RPG (so you steal other players earnings)! Its a unique GPT/RPG hybrid, and a first of its kind for sure!
The game part of it is pretty simple to play, as it is just a point-and-click game, works off of a basic "Offense vs Defense" system, and it still has a pretty small user base; 420 users at time of this post, but only like 10 of them actively play. So their is still plenty of room to grow.
The website/game was launched back in June, hosted a pretty successful Tournament on July 4th, a not-as-successful Tournament in October, and has seen several updates over its short lifespan thus far, with even some talk of adding "Player Items and Gear", a "Crafting System and Player Market", and even some pretty intense "Clan Wars"; so it does have real potential.
The revenue generated to pay players with comes from several sources and not just mere ad revenue, as there are about 8 functioning "Offerwalls", as well as a completely integrated Referral commission system, a cpu miner, and other neat ways to earn in-game points!
Some of you remember the 4th of July Tournament which was a blast!
The October Hackers Harvest Festival was not as successful, as a loophole was found and exploited, causing the Tournament to pause as maintenance was done. A lot of players never came back, but the Tournament continued and there were winners!
This months Tournament is the Holiday HackAThon and is simple, as players simply hack each other for points in order to rank on the Board. Winning adds points, losing subtracts points!
Tournament Starts 12/23 and ends 12/31 at midnight (NEW YEARS!)
Top 5 Players on the Board at midnight win Prizes!
***Prizes are as follows: 1st Place = $100 in PayPal, Amazon GiftCard, Bitcoin, or In-Game Pts! 2nd Place = $50 in PayPal, Amazon GiftCard, Bitcoin, or In-Game Pts! 3rd Place = $25 in PayPal, Amazon GiftCard, Bitcoin, or In-Game Pts! 4th Place = $15 in PayPal, Amazon GiftCard, Bitcoin, or In-Game Pts! 5th Place = $10 in PayPal, Amazon GiftCard, Bitcoin, or In-Game Pts!
Now I know this post is almost 3 days too late, but there are only 4 people actually competing right now. That means anybody could join the game right now and be at least at the 5th place rank (which is $10!). So why the heck not? So if any of this sounds interesting to you, come check it out @ What do you got to lose?
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